Sunday, 8 September 2013

Who the devil is Woolly Mum Moth?

Hello blogosphere, 

I (that is the daughter of Woolly Mum Moth), Harriet, and the authoress of this blog, am writing on behalf of my mother to keep you up to date you her ongoing creative endeavours. Why is she ("who's she, the cat's mother!?") not writing this blog herself, I hear you say. There's one simple answer, and that is that she's far too busy knitting! 

If I am to write about Mum's creative successes I feel I must first introduce her properly. Mum lives a busy life and has many roles; she is primarily (to me, at least) a mother; she's a businesswoman running her own law firm; a gardener; a cook; a knitter (is that a thing?). Somehow, she manages to fulfil each of these roles to the absolute best of her ability, leaving only a little time to be a proficient cat-admirer, a church-warden and sit on the board of governers for the local primary school.

This blog is a way of documenting all the clever and fabulous things Mum makes. 


WMM's daughter, Harriet x

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