Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sheep Treats

Mum purchased this fantastic sheep mould from Doncaster Antiques and Vintage fair. The sheep is made from cast aluminium and Mum estimates it dates from the 50s and is of European origin.

We found Ruth from MidCenturyMenu's blogpost which gives 10 top tips to have yourself a fantastic "Lambie Cake". As this was our first time using the mould, we followed her wise words carefully, but not before scrubbing the crevices and drying it in the oven (this is an essential step when buying cake tins or moulds which are not bought from new). 

We "greased the HECK" out of the pan (Ruth's words!), making sure every single part of it was covered. We then filled the face-side of the lamb pan with a Betty Crocker lemon drizzle cake mix (gasp!). This is obviously a cardinal sin in the baking world, but we did it because we wanted to try out the mould for the first time, and wanted to use a reliable mix to do this.  At this point it essential to remember to fill in the ears of the mould (a sheep without ears is obviously going to look stupid, as Ruth points out)! The idea is that the cake-mix will rise from the face-half of the tin and fills the rest of it.

One the face-side was filled, we attached the back-side with string. Annoyingly, we forgot one of Ruth's essential tips - to add cocktail (or lollypop) sticks into the cake mix in certain areas, as the structural integrity of the cake without these can be an issue (mostly around the head and neck area). So rather adding these into the raw cake mix, we inserted them once the cake had cooked (it's essential to wait until the cake has cooled before you release it from the tin). Luckily, this seemed to have worked as the cake didn't crumble when we took it out of the mould. 

Mum made the lemon drizzle for the cake et voila, the finished product looked like this: 

We were pleased with outcome of the cake, although perhaps next time we make it we'll ice the cake with some fluffy white frosting for some sheep-authenticity! 

WWM's daughter, Harriet x

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