Saturday, 2 November 2013


While I've been away at university, Woolly Mum Moth has been super-busy with lots of crafty knitting and crochet projects. This lovely bunting is very easy to make and can be customised to suit your own taste. Once crocheted, you can add little bows, buttons, beads or adhesive shapes (WMM has added little floral cats). 

The pattern for these are:
Ch. 24 
S. Cr into second chain from the right
S. Cr to the end of the row. 23 sts.
S. Cr in second chain from the right
S. Cr to the end. 22 sts.
Continue like this until no stitches left 
S. Cr around two sides of each flag in a contrasting colour. 
To make top ribbon: 
Ch. 60
S. Cr across the top of all flags
Ch. 60
A second row of single crochet across the top of all of the flags tends to make it more stable (and less twizzly!). Another contrasting colour looks nice for that. 

Woolly Mum Moth fixing her bunting!

 Sweet little floral cats!

This bunting is perfect for lots of different occasions. It's great to hang up for events and parties, and completes the look of a vintage-themed setting, for example, with pretty teacups and decorative cakestands. It also looks great hanging up anywhere in the house or makes a lovely handmade present for somebody. Try soft, pastel colours for bunting perfect for a baby's bedroom!   

WMM found this lovely ribbon on eBay (John Lewis do a similar here) which she loops and sews onto all her homemade things. When making presents to give to people, a little touch like this can give the finished piece an extra little personal, yet rather professional-looking touch. Lovely!

WMM's daughter!


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